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We hold numerous certifications from the top cybersecurity organizations

Our Services

We provide cybersecurity services to a broad range of companies in unique industries. Our team has years of experience solving some of the world’s hardest problems from both a tactical and strategic perspective. If the services below don’t perfectly align with your companies needs, please contact us directly.

IoT Penetration Testing

With a seasoned team of experts at the helm, our pentesting service stands out for its unparalleled expertise and track record. We've successfully breached the security of various domains, from planes, trains, and cars to autonomous vehicles and drones. Our thorough approach extends to examining the firmware and communication protocols of connected tractors, evaluating the security of smart cars' onboard systems, and scrutinizing the data integrity and privacy of medical devices. In every test, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring comprehensive assessments that go beyond conventional boundaries.

Website Pentesting

As leaders in web application security, our unmatched pentesting service goes beyond the conventional checkbox approach. We consistently identify critical vulnerabilities, having successfully conducted pentests for Fortune 100 companies in sectors like banking, healthcare, and technology. What sets us apart is our unique proficiency in chaining vulnerabilities to reveal high-impact risks, safeguarding client assets and preventing unauthorized access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Choose us for a comprehensive pentest that exceeds industry standards, backed by our money-back guarantee and a level of security that goes beyond expectations.

Purple Teaming

Our Purple Teaming services stand out as a cutting-edge approach that seamlessly integrates red and blue teaming methodologies to fortify cybersecurity defenses. Through collaborative simulations, our expert team orchestrates offensive maneuvers, mimicking real-world threats, while the defensive blue team actively responds and reinforces security measures. This harmonized strategy offers a comprehensive assessment of an organization's security posture, creating a symbiotic relationship between offensive and defensive tactics. Our Purple Teaming is not merely about uncovering vulnerabilities; it establishes a continuous feedback loop, empowering organizations to identify, remediate, and stay resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Our expert team specializes in comprehensive penetration testing of various cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and GCP. With a profound understanding of these platforms and the evolving threat landscape, we offer tailored solutions to identify and address vulnerabilities, assess risks, and strengthen your cloud infrastructure. Whether you use AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, GCP, or a combination, our skilled pentesters meticulously assess your environment, uncover potential issues, and provide actionable recommendations for remediation. We are dedicated to safeguarding your cloud infrastructure, ensuring compliance, and enhancing security. Stay ahead of cyber threats by entrusting your cloud security to our experts.

Mobile Application Pentesting

We provide mobile app security by conducting thorough penetration testing on both Android and iOS platforms. Our expert team meticulously identifies vulnerabilities, analyzes code, scrutinizes API integrations, assesses data storage mechanisms, and evaluates authentication processes to ensure robust security measures.

Internal & External Network Penetration Testing

Our expert team specializes in comprehensive assessments of both internal and external networks, with a specific focus on Active Directory configurations. Internally, we analyze user accounts, privilege escalation, and unauthorized access points to fortify your network. Externally, we make sure there are no open doors for attackers to take advantage of.

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